Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jon & Kate....The Saga Continues....

Everywhere you go....Jon & Kate.
Every channel you turn to....Jon & Kate.
Every conversation with my mother....Jon & Kate.
Every question from my children.....Jon & Kate.
We were at the Summer Kick-Off Party for our Elementary School the other night and my kids yell, "Look, that lady has Kate's haircut!" People are even going Kate haircut crazy!

My poor mother is so involved in these TV people's "situation", she talks about them as if they were our relatives! I called her on the night of the premiere, just as it was starting, simply to annoy her and said, "WOW! Have I got a STORY for you!" She was like..."AAAAYYYY! NOT NOW!! Jon & Kate are on!" I do believe that if I had severed a limb that night and needed my mother or my two children to drive me to the hospital, I would've had to wait until 9pm. Luckily, my husband can NOT stand these people and he would've been free to escort me, if this made up story would have been true at all.
As for now, we wait.
We wait to see if this couple will stay together.
We wait to see who is seen with who next.
We wait to see the next episode.
We wait to see what kind of a fireball command she spits out at this poor guy, she calls a "husband".
We wait to see what happens to these poor innocent children.
We wait to see what the next US magazine headline reads on Friday!

So why do we wait & watch? Why do we fly down the aisles at Target to see if the magazine guy has gotten there yet? Why do we flip through every entertainment channel to get the latest? OK...ok...Why do I do this??

I can only come up with.....that they are like a bad car wreck..you just gotta look! AND I would imagine that we're just glad that it's not US!

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