Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a FUN RUN!

Yesterday was the big CES Boosterthon Fun Run! What a fun time the kids had, running to some great songs! Hallie ran 28 laps and with all of her donations from our sweet family & dear friends, she made it into the "Boosterthon Hall of Fame"! The gift of being a "Hall of Famer" included a whole plastic bag full of sporty stuff.....a handy-dandy terry cloth sweatband, a super-duper handy-dandy terry cloth wrist/sweat/watch band?, waterbottle, a football, some shoelaces, and a beach ball! This sweet bag of loot only cost us and our friends $284.00! You see the more you have people donate the more "PRIZES" you get! We did miss out on the ipod shuffle though, to score one of those we would have had to donate $35 per lap, therefore in reality paying...ummmmm..........calculator please.......yep! $980.00 for an ipod shuffle...What a steal!!!???? She was bummed that I wouldn't budge and go on ahead and donate the $35 per lap, but was quick to understand when I told her that if I did she'd have to
C-R-A-W-L the entire Fun Run and that she'd only better complete ONE lap at that! She decided against that scenerio especially since #1. she already has one and #2. If she truly desperately needed a 2nd one, we could just run to Target and get her one for $49.99 with her hord of gift cards!! Anyways.....We do want to thank all of you who donated to Hallie's run, she appreciates your generosity and thanks you so much!! Now on to the CMS fundraiser....wrapping paper anyone??!! hahahahaha!!

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