Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

The bright blue perfect sky that morning.

My mom calling telling me to turn on the Today Show, "quick"!

The confusion on TV as everyone in the media tried to figure out what was happening.

Eight month old Hallie bouncing in her exersaucer as I fixed 4 year old Riley's hair for her Pre-K class.

Sitting in front of the TV for days & days straight, crying, and praying that they would find just one more person alive.

Watching Ashley Banfield cover her first "huge story" sticking it out on that New York street, covered in dirt, with those big black glasses! (Remember those?!)

The chills I would get when I went outside and listened to the quiet clear skies as no planes flew over, for days.

Going to church wanting Pastor Frank to make sense of this tragedy for me, my family, and the world.

Feeling so sad & helpless that my two little girls had to live in such a cruel world now.

Feeling that I would NEVER be able to step onto a plane again.

Being so proud that we lived in a country where everyone stepped up to take care of those who were suffering.

Standing in a very long line with my sister, to give blood...(then giving her juice after she passed out.)

Seeing American flags hang from everywhere you looked as you drove around.

These are just my own personal memories of that day and those that followed. I can not imagine what the people that witnessed it, lost family & friends, and lived through it are feeling today. It was seven years ago and the details are still so clear as if it happened yesterday! May God continue to bless and protect this country and those who lost loved ones this day.

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