Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Needs A New Name!

I'm going to officially RENAME the Swine Flu!! Pigs are too cute and sweet to have this dreadful thing named after them!!
I was feeling crummy on Monday anyways from the whole Lucy fiasco, but a sad crummy.........but by after work Monday night I started feeling a little sick crummy?? hmmmm???
By Tuesday afternoon, I was real sick 102 fever crummy....then by Wednesday..I was WOW lungs gunked up, head about to explode, fever of 103, can't lift your head up cause everything hurts (even my teeth hurt!), certainly can't open your eyes to get on Facebook (now that's crum-cum-crummy for me!!) So I crawled on into the Dr. and she confirmed it as the cute little "Swine Flu". I again battled this woman for some TamiFlu (if she ever comes down with this mess, I really want to be her nurse so that I can tell she has told me twice now..."I don't really think you need it, it doesn't do much good, it'll only make you feel better like by one day!") FYI.... "Ms. Dr." I've only had one dose and I feel good enough to make a blog about you...(I may be a little cranky though, but at least I can open my eyes today!)

So needless to say, I vote this horrible flu gets a new name like the "Buzzard Flu" or like the "Tarantula Flu" something, wicked and not cute.....cause that's what this junk is!!!

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