Friday, March 20, 2009

Day #7 Pretty Toes at "Trudy's" with Trixie, Dixie, and Laverne!


Now Seriously.....since the new American "Motto" is "Change...blahdy-blahdy blah blah..." Why can't we CHANGE Spring Break to TWO weeks?? This week has flown right past us! It has been fun and I won't lie, I just might be ready for some quiet around here, but I'm not ready for those early alarm clocks and hour after hour of homework.... just yet!'s a comin' and SOON!

I had promised the girls a "mani/pedi day" before we went back to school and today seemed just as good a day as any to make the trip. A couple of friends of ours are in a wedding tomorrow and we thought we'd invite them to partake in our "foot fun frenzy". They joined us and we enjoyed it! Their mom had wanted them to get their hair done today as well for their weekend wedding festivities and it was at that point that they (for the 1st time) met TRUDY! Trudy is my "alter ego" who would love to own her own beauty shop if she only had her license!?? HA! So they took me up on my offer to "wash, blow, and set" them all for their big Friday Night Rehearsal ! Trudy's rate of "FREE" was an offer she couldn't refuse! It was fun..they all had their own "Beauty Shop Names" was "Trixie", the other "Dixie" and Hallie my helper was "Laverne". (Riley decided to just keep "Riley"). The end result was 3 gorgeous gals ready for a night out on the town! I didn't get "mama" in the picture, but I sure do hope her "beehive" holds! (just jokin!)

Tonight is "Girls Only Slumber Party Friday" for us, with Dad out of the house, who knows what us girls will find to do!! I'm dreaming of some Panda Express, Hot Fudge Sundaes, and a good chic-flick!
Happy Weekend and HAPPY SPRING! It's finally here!

Spring Break Day #7 Score: Truly Trudy Spectacular!

ps...Please still be in prayer for Cason Harvey. Mom was discharged today and Cason was not. He is expected to be in NICU for at least 7 more days! We pray for a quick recovery on those precious baby lungs so that he can be in his mom & dad's arms where he belongs!

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