Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 4: Green Stuff, Pop-Ups, and Hot Tubs!

Spring Break Day #4

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It is the day to wear GREEN and it was happening around here today...green shirts, green drinks, green with envy!

Riley had a great time at The Great Wolf Lodge last night and today she was off for another sleepover at her adorable friend's house where they were going to sleep out in the friend's POP-UP Camper! Fun stuff! They had a Popcorn Machine going, brownies baking, Projector Screen to watch movies on..it was one happenin' set-up! I just wonder if they'll make it all night out there!? Hallie would have never made it out there...but unfortunately, she was still "green with envy" over big sis's great Spring Break adventures!

But never fail...mom & dad to the rescue!! We fired up the hot tub and enjoyed our evening outside! (Hallie looks real torn up huh?! ha!) I think she is starting to like this "only child" stuff!? We miss our sweet Riley though and are ready to have her home so we can have some fun with her too before that yucky school bell is ringing again!!

Spring Break Day #4 Score: Green FUN!

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My Life in Sippy Cups said...

I was hoping to see your pool dyed GREEN! (or even just the hot tub) Now that would have made Hallie squeal!