Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 8 was a beautiful day for a Wedding, Chocolate, Fun Friends, & more Chocolate!

It was gorgeous today! A perfect day for a wedding! Riley's teacher that she once had in 1st grade got married and our dear friend's kids were a part of the festivities. It was alot of fun....they had a CANDY BAR..not a candy bar-candy bar, but a table set up filled with CANDY...and little boxes that one could fill up to their heart's desire with the CANDY!!! Absolutely, the kids favorite attraction at this wedding! They also had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN BAR.......(Note to self: Order a chocolate fountain ASAP!) My new favorite food item dipped in chocolate is NUTTER BUTTERS! Oh my goodness! Heavenly! Suzanne & Hallie's favorite, apparently were the chocolate strawberries......
Heck! It was all good, I think I'd eat a leather boot dipped in chocolate, I'm not particular! But those Nutter Butters.........mmmmmmmm! Ok, back on track here.......
Riley's sweetheart of a friend, Riley was in the wedding...(whistle-whistle) he was handsome in that tuxedo! They are the sweetest of friends and secretly deep down, I hope to be planning their wedding to each other, oh, say... in about 12-15 years! These two are carbon copies of each other, such calm, quiet, loving spirits....Oh how I love those 2!! It was cute when we were taking their picture the "little sisters" said, "Wait!!" and grabbed a flower bouquet and shoved it into Riley's hands and said, "That's Better! Tee-heehehe!" See they want them to get married one day too!!

After the wedding festivities...I had one grand-slam doozy of a headache, so I crawled home to the couch and after talking with my friend Suzanne who was suffering as well...we decided that the headaches could very well be a result of the CANDY BAR indulgence, the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN BAR delights, the large slice of CHOCOLATE groom's cake, and the sorta smaller sampling of the bride's cake that we both enjoyed this afternoon!
So I remedied my pain with a nap, some PANDA EXPRESS and a fun visit from the Higgins cuties!!


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