Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's ALL The Buzz???

The Middle School was a "BUZZIN" yesterday! I mean, literally, BUZZING! Riley came home and said, "Oh my gosh, I have the WORST headache! Starting 6th period we all started hearing this horrible high-pitched buzzing sound that would NOT stop!" The sound lasted all through 6th period and it got so bad in 7th period, that the class had to all gather to one side of the room (the side that the "buzzing" was NOT coming from) and the teacher went as far as to call the Vice-Principal down to check out the "mysterious ear-drum shattering BUZZ". Poor old Mr. Denning checked all the TVs, all of the intercoms, anything and everything that could be buzzzzzzing only to find nothing...(but HIS head hurting). Finally, making it through this nauseating last part of the school day.... Riley and her 3 friends pile into her friend's mom's truck for a ride home ONLY TO FIND THAT THEY HAD BEEN FOLLOWED BY THE BUZZ! They all quickly checked their belongings and found nothing until one gal leans down to Riley's purse and said......"IT'S YOU!"

Riley said, "WHAT?! ME?!"

After feverishly rummaging through her purse she yells,
"OH NO! It's my B-I-N-G-O thingy!"

Over the weekend, Papa had bought both girls the "little ear listening device" that you SEE ON TV where the nutty looking old lady yells, "B-I-N-G-O!" and then attempts to belt out a very sad version of "Amazing Grace" with her nifty little ear piece in. You know the one......where the two nosey neighbors are gossiping about the girl's new ride across the street and since the gal has her "GoGo Gadget Ear Piece" on, she hears every word only to snicker at their envy!
Well.....Riley had forgotten to remove her "Trailer Park Hearing Aid" out of her purse and somehow it had kicked on around 1:10pm (and if it's not in your ear, it makes the most earth-shattering buzz you have ever heard)! Well, needless to say it was NOT in her ear, and it was EARTH-SHATTERING!
Here is the little trouble-maker and the purse it concealed itself in.

Good Lordy, I just hope they didn't call in the FBI to investigate!!
The finale came this morning when Riley (who was so upset and worried about this whole deal) woke up with 101 fever and COULD NOT RETURN TO SCHOOL today!
Wonder if anyone made the connection...NO RILEY=NO BUZZING??
AND...just so you know...Papa thought it was HILIARIOUS!!

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