Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's Foolin Who?

Today is the girls' most favorite "holiday"of the year.....a day when they can fib, trick, prank, and fib some more without any consequence!
So we started off bright and early......this April Fool's Day!

This "Fool" was waiting for Glen as he entered his office this morning.....

....and with all of the recent "attic rat" hunting activity going on around here, I couldn't resist the Walgreens $1.99 rubber rat trick. Oldest one in the book, but with some brown and black paint this little fella made Glen jump higher than his new found "office help"!
Well, all's fair in Love & War and when we got up to get ready for school, we found the water to be shut off and that all the toilet paper and kleenex were missing!! AND YOWZA...did we have to GO!!!!
Somebody needs to watch his back...the day is still young (as I sit sewing ALL his underwear together........).
Happy FOOL'S Day ya'll!!

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