Monday, April 6, 2009

2nd Grade Potty Duty!

My girls and I seem to have some of the best conversations in one of two places: (1.) On the couch after school as they give me the 411 about who said what, who did what, who wore what that day...or....(2.) Lying in my bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This Sunday morning was NO EXCEPTION!

Hallie started out with..."I think I have found me a new job at my school!"

"What's that?" I asked.

"The 2nd grade FLUSHER!" she exclaimed proudly.

"The 2nd grade FLUSHER, what kind of job is that?!" I questioned.
(hmmmm??? I'm this a teacher assigned or self-appointed position??)

She was glad to explain in detail, "Well, anytime I go into the bathroom at school, I feel that I have to go to each stall and make sure they are all flushed! (Oh no!...this sounds self-appointed!) For some reason those kids up there at my school are scared of that flusher deal! So I check each stall until I get to that really huge one on the end and get em all flushed." She proudly (and ever so matter of factly) went on to add...."and Mom, those things are NEVER FLUSHED! I find alot of really bad things sometimes! The other day I flushed one.....and it flushed, but then the poop just popped back up like a real egg, and I had to keep flushin till it stopped popping back up!"

Oh good gracious!!! She really thinks she is doing something important!!

I guess in most psychotherapist's eyes this would be a classic OCD behavior or maybe even a far-deeper issue, but in this sweet man's eyes, CES's own favorite Janitorial Specialist, Mr. Robert..... She really is doing something important (and I bet he really appreciates it too) and if he only knew how good of a "job" she was doing, he might even cheer her on by saying..."You Go Girl, keep up the nasty, good work"!!

Good Grief!! If she only took her READING & MATH this serious!!


Lisa said...

You and your sweet girls totally crack me up!
Love you all!
Miss Lisa

Amy said...

Ha! Those toilets do flush pretty harshly at CES. Sweet girl.