Friday, April 10, 2009

Move over Anne Geddes............

As we read other people's blogs I find that we love to look at the pictures that are posted and some of the blogs are from some pretty amazing photographers! MckMama takes beautiful pictures of her kids and very touching ones of Stellan as he continues to fight valiantly with his heart condition, we adore looking at Kelly's Korner and seeing what Baby Harper is dolled up in for the day, Ms. Lisa's amazing talent in designing clothes is so fun to look at....they are all very inspiring!

So much so, that I have seen Riley with her camera more and more and she told me the other day that she thinks that she would like to become a photographer one day! Sounds great to me...have you bought family pictures lately?? cha-ching!!

Here are a couple of her 1st pictures (so when she is famous, you can say you saw them 1st!):

Ok....I took the Egg one, but hey!? maybe we could go into business together!?

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