Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sharing a Little More Than Just Reading!?

Wednesdays in 2nd grade is "Share Reader Day". On this day, a parent comes into the classroom and reads to the kiddos for 30 minutes right after lunch. "Lucky" for us parents it's PIZZA DAY on Wednesdays! (Do you happen to know what kind of gas build up is in a 7 or 8yr old after a super-sized Pizza Wednesday)........Alot! Last Wednesday, after the Pizza Extravaganza in the lunchroom, we went to class to do some share reading.......I have found that if they are listening to a funny book with lots of pictures......we have less and less of this.... and more and more of this........

Which is a GOOD thing.

BUT if we are deep into a NO PICTURES, LOTSA WORDS, NANCY DREW MYSTERY novel....forgetaboutit! It's the longest 30 full minutes of your life that is filled with alot of poke this, pick at that, flick her, pinch him.....

Not to mention those sweet 2nd graders CANNOT get close enough to the "Share Reader", so I'm in a chair and they are at my feet each grabbing onto a toe or a piece of my pant leg. It does appear that the closer in that they gravitate to the reader, the harsher the gas pains get for these mighty little Pizza Monsters?! On this reading day, they were pulled in so close I felt as if I was a large sheet of metal and they all had magnets in their pockets. The smells they were expelling were so rough, they made my eyes water and practically made my mascara melt right off the lash!

I think on my next "Share Reader Wednesday" I'll be bringing something more like this to keep these nose-pickin little "stinkers" attention!

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Kara said...

You are such a good mom to gorge on pizza, then put up with all that 2nd grade gas! :)

I think you have a plan for the next read and might go home as the coolest parent that ever read.... A farting book, thats hilarious.