Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Hodge-Podge of Not Alot Kind of Sunday!

That was indeed what kind of a day it turned out to be....

My Agenda included:

1. Sleeping 12 hours while both girls had sleepovers last night! (Can I hear a Hallelujah!?)

2. Apologizing at great length to my hubby for being such a cheap date last night, picking the kids up, and setting off for Walmart!
**note to self: Stay away from Walmart on Sundays!!**
(Can I get an Amen from the crowd on that one?!)

3. Having a hissy-fit in Walmart...... 1st because of the humongo crowd, then because of the woman who should have waited till MIDNIGHT to shop if she really truly needed BOTH a motorized cart and a regular cart to get her shopping done, followed by the woman who apparently thought we were invisible by the way she actually climbed into and over our cart to get her some Nilla Wafers!!
Patience my friend! Patience!

4. Tweaking my blog. "McKMama" ( held a contest this weekend as her "blog hit counter" was approaching TEN MILLION! (Meaning...10 MILLION people have gone to her blog!) TEN MILLION--astonishing! I would be happy if 4 people enjoyed my it got me thinking?? Wonder if anyone besides me and Riley read this I added my newest "obsession" (over at top right) my very own "Crew Counter"!! I call it an obsession, because now along with Facebook, McKMama's blog updates on Stellan, and my other blogs that I watch....I check it like....oh?.... let's say?....hourly?! honestly, I should subtract like 15 from the counter, as those would be... uhhh??.....ME!
5. Watching our new friends enjoy a swim today. Are they not just so cute & adorable!! I hope they come visit often!

6. Watch as Glen starts on a new flowerbed, Help Glen start a new flowerbed, where our 2 sweet dogs, Sam & Sally are now buried. I had asked Glen if we could do something pretty over there and he said he already had it planned in that smart brain of here is the before:
and I can't wait for the after!!
So the weekend is now over and we look forward to a happier week this week!!
Happy Monday Everybody!!


Kara said...

Hey, I read your blog! :)
plus, i can't wait to see the after picture of the garden. Have fun.

Amy said...

I'm reading...and laughing!!