Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mysterious & Wonderful Ways....

Is how you might describe it.

God works in mighty fine & mysterious ways!
Our friend Annie is an example of God's amazing work first hand toe! Our little friend, who came dang near close to losing her 2nd toe in a freak accident is doing so great! He heard our cries and prayers for this precious girl not to lose this ever so important toe and He had a plan!
Annie has been in class this year with a dear little girl, they play with each other, hang out, and her father "just so happens to be" an amazingly, wonderful, compassionate.....get ready now.....ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON! and.....on that Palm Sunday, when a bicycle fell smack on Annie's toe at a local sports store....she needed an Orthopaedic DOCTOR and fast!

Hello, God's Perfect Plan!

This Dr. worked feverishly to save her little digit, making house calls, ordering & keeping "bugs" on stand by if they were needed in the salvage, calling almost on a daily basis checking on sweet Annie, trying just about every trick in his "little black bag" to keep this toe attached. I can't help but think this particular Dr. is just who Annie needed on the case. House Calls?? Come on now, you think just any Dr. would make one of those these days?!

Here is the latest picture of this incredible restoration of this beautiful toe...(disclaimer: if you are eating breakfast, you might want to come back to this later :) just sayin...)

Annie's big sister, Emma said it reminded her of another one of God's great works........................................
I most certainly agree with her!!

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