Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'll Take Chicken Bones for $1000, Please.

We are getting new neighbors!.....uh-um, yep, new neighbors! They are building a giant home next door to us and Abby just adores the construction crew! On her frequent potty breaks she loves to sit at the fence and BARK BARK BARK at the spanish speaking only, spicy food loving, hard workers over there!

Last week, they showed THEIR love for her and her little yapper in a friendly gesture by way of a few CHICKEN BONES! She came back into the house, after one of her extremely obnoxious yappy fence visits with the excitement of one who had just scored the biggest TBONE steak in the state! After much to her dismay, I was able to retrieve the (un)lucky treasure from her jaws to find a few icky little splintery CHICKEN BONES!!

"Good Lordy!" I thought.

This cannot be good!
I was right! After 3 days in the "doggy" hospital, multiple x-rays, gallons of IVs and antibiotics, a diagnosis of "severe pancreatitis", and $1000 later...Abby is back home and slobbering to get over to that fence! After a maticulous inspection of the fenceline tonight.....we found it to be a puppy dog's heavenly buffet of Taco Casa and greasy leftovers from the MOBILE BURRITO truck!
Sorry sweet Abby, but that good spicy stuff is NOT on your "post-pancreatitis" diet, and from now on, it will be supervised potty breaks for your little yapper!


Brittany said...

Poor Abby! Glad she is feeling better.

Kara said...

We will do anything for those sweet babies of ours, huh?. :)
So glad she is doing ok after inhalation of chicken bones, yikes so scarey.