Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things....

OH! Of course, Girls Night Out, my cute hubby and 2 precious girls, my sweet dogs, big bubble filled swim parties, cookouts with our dearest friends.....and let us not forget.......

are all TOPS on my list of favorite things...........

BUT let's talk products (just for the fun of it??).....

Being that I am the first to admit that our little Yorkie uses our game room as one giant puppy P pad...this is one of my favorite finds! URINE GONE! I came across this in the Walgreen's "As Seen On TV" aisle... A 24oz. bottle for only $10.99, so thought I'd give it a try! It really works!

Just spray it on the (you know) and Poof!...URINE GONE!

These are my oldest and best of my product favorites: my little clippy scissors!
I have had these babies for 13 years! I got them before Riley was born. I have lost misplaced them a couple of times and each time they have always turned up. I once lost misplaced them in a couch that we were selling in a garage sale and I made the buyer wait to take his "new" couch home until we gouged these jewels out of it!
They are perfect for cutting nails and those pesky little nose hairs!
I hope me and my little clippy scissors will be together forever!

I recently started "cheating" on my faithful silver Shark vaccum (shown on the left), with my new sleek CORDLESS purple Eureka (standing proudly on the right). I found her at Target for only $39.99 . She is great! No more cord to tangle with and can be used on wood and carpets both! I highly recommend this little battery-powered wonder for your everyday sweeping needs!

I love these Pledge products too! I hate love to clean and these 2 cleaning friends make it really easy and bearable. They also make everything smell really good...from the floors to the windows!

Finally, I had to throw in one product that I could do without! Good grief, orange streaks with a stinky smell is not a good look for me.....I will really be glad when my hands no longer look like a pair of Texas Longhorn pom-poms!

Jergans Natural Glow Express.....a DUD!

Got any favorites??

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Kara said...

You crack me up! :D You always make me laugh first thing in the morning.

Thanks for the product urine gone! I'll be heading out soon to get it as our 12 yr old cat has decided to use the outside of his litter box instead of inside. Does it work for cats too?