Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is our 3,000 pound yellow Lab that I saw just a few days after our Sam passed away. She was in a cage in the parking lot of Petco waiting to be adopted. In a story that could be a "book" in itself, we eventually got the adoption "finalized" and Lucy became our new yellow Lab.

Just a couple of quick bits of advice:
1.) Don't adopt a dog from people that are really wacky!
2.) Don't get a dog only a couple of days after your other dog dies.
3.) Don't get a dog that looks like your dog that died, thinking it will be the same dog that died.
(Because it will not be the same dog that died! well duh!!!)

Lucy and Sally had the typical love/hate relationship. Sally (tried to) love Lucy and Lucy hated having to share anything with Sally.

But they "co-habitated" for 2 years. This was Lucy on the morning Sally passed away. I had to grin and think, "hmmm...looks like she is real torn up?!" ZZZZzzzzzzz!

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