Monday, April 27, 2009

Crummy Week With A Side of Laughter.

Last week was kinda crummy. It was one week ago, today, that we kissed our Sweet Sally girl goodbye for the last time. We grieved our loss and our tears flowed at every reminder of her that we came across this past week. BUT FEAR NOT....we are the Cruson's and our crummy week did come with a side of laughter! It was actually Monday evening, when Glen came walking up with the mail, laughing his head off!! He had opened a certain letter up (that, may I add, was addressed to me...) on his way to the house and couldn't WAIT to read it to us all!

It stated that I (ME! Miss Midi Miss 1981!) had been invited to an "Open Call" for the "National American Miss Texas State Pageant"! They went on to say that I was "a candidate who may enjoy modeling, acting, learning stage techniques that will help empower and enable me to accomplish my future goals!" It would be "an opportunity to make new friends with girls from across my home state who have interests similar to mine." (I highly DOUBT that there are too many "girls" across the state who have the same "keeping ahead of the laundry on a daily basis, hoping that the bread does not have green mold on it when I go to make PB&J's for tomorrow's school lunches, hoping that I will get a shower sometime during the daylight hours, hoping to lose 20 lbs by June"....INTERESTS such as mine, unless they too are):

A 37yr. old.... Mrs....blessed with pounds of cellulite.....mother of 2.

I am almost certain that there was some kind of a mistake here......but then we went on to read:

"This pageant experience is designed for you, today's girl: that's why we do not have a swimsuit competition, no make-up rule, and you are not required to perform a talent."

Hey, if I hide my wedding ring and tape these thighs up, I just might be able to win this thing!

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