Monday, March 23, 2009

"CH" as in "Cheers and Ch-Ching"!

Spring Break is over.....Back to school, back to work....

Riley started her week off with her 1st Cheerleader Meeting this morning at 7:15am at school! They had breakfast together, got cute T-shirts, and had their adorable pictures made! I have MY 1st Cheerleader MOM meeting tomorrow evening, but I'm kinda thinking it will NOT be as fun as hers, doubt there will be any doughnuts, no bedazzled MOM t-shirts, or fun group pictures to be snapped,

but I bet there will be alot of this.....
.....being paid out. haha!
I think I can hear my mom and dad laughing at Glen and I all the way over here at my house!
While singing, "Payback Time!.....P-P-P-Payback Time!"

Well, I gotta wrap this up and go water my.....

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