Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Left Kidney!

Well, I don't have to ask for my left kidney back! Our Taylor Swift concert seats were the BOMB! We were seated RIGHT NEXT to all of her guitars.....I kinda thought that was the coolest part of all!It was a great time, until I lost the $100 bill that Riley had given me to hold for her! As she said once I figured out I had lost it...."Well, someone got very lucky tonight!" AARRGGHH!! I feel so bad! WOW! Glad I could help in making someone ELSE'S night though! ha! And really, after all the money I've already shelled out...what's another $100, right?!
Well, HELLO! Miss Swift...she was like totally right there before our eyes!!

It was an awesome show...that started with approximately 4-5 million people in line for a Tshirt. I quickly dropped (my own) $100 on some great "sleepwear", you know that's all concert Tshirts are good for after wearing them to school the DAY AFTER the concert, they immediately get sorted into the PJ drawer.

Next, we got to hear Hallie's FAVORITE girl sing.....KELLI PICKLER! She ended with RED HIGH HEELS! The night was going spectacular!

Next up....TAYLOR SWIFT!! She was AWESOME, a little spastic, now and then, but she is what like 19, rich, and famous? If I was that amazingly talented with a guitar, mega rich, and gorgeous....I'd be spastic too!! The superstar has it goin on! A second tour of sold out arenas across the country!! WOW!!
I have asked Glen if we can buy the girls' some microphones and a bus..........we are for sure IN THE WRONG BUSINESS!!

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