Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break is Finally Here...Bring on the Cheese Fries and Bonfires!!

HELLoooooooo! Spring Break! Where have you been all my life!!

So glad that the week before Spring Break is behind was full of fun, alot of working, alot of practicing, alot of spending, alot of alot of stuff! We are now ready for some alot of nothing! I like to keep a running blog of our Spring Break days, so that when the end draws near and the girls complain, "Gosh! We didn't do much over Spring Break....." I can kindly "reflect" back for them!!

So Spring Break Day #1....

We started with what every Spring Break needs to start with...

Then we did a little shopping....

and then ended the fun 1st day of Spring Break out in Aledo with some great friends, yummy dinner, and a blowout bonfire! Thank you Auth family for a fun night!!!

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