Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Kick Off!

We are ready for some SPRING BREAK around here! Woohoo!

We are kicking off Spring Break TONIGHT! With one of our favorite gals........
Unfortunately, I had to sell my left kidney to get 3 great seats to this sold out least they better be "GREAT SEATS" or I'm getting my kidney BACK, I tell ya!
Looking forward to a super fun night with my girls!!

Post concert starts Phase II of our Spring Break Kick Off......Riley has to rush home, rest up for TOMORROW which is 8th Grade Cheerleader Tryouts!! 8th Grade Cheerleader Tryouts?? Can't be!! Wasn't I just trying out for 8th Grade Cheerleader? (ok, maybe like 26 years ago?!)...............BUT it seems like only yesterday! Ah!Poo! I'm getting old! Hope the concert gets her adrenaline pumping for her big Friday!! Off to shop for some jazzy concert clothes....................Let the Countdown BEGIN!!!!!!

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Amy said...

Aw I hope y'all had fun at Taylor Swift! Love her!