Thursday, September 17, 2009


Could be heard coming from me 2 streets over, when I found this note in the play room.......

"You better start "splainin", I yelled!!!
Hallie said, "WHAT?!"
"What is this?" I screeched as I showed her the note that I had found.
She went on to add.........
"Riley and I were playing and I totally had to FIRE her as my secretary, so I wrote her a note to tell her."
Riley had entered by this time to see what all the commotion was about, only to start snickering at my convulsions....
She confirmed that she had indeed been "FIRED" from her secretarial duties when she did not "play correctly" and had received her "termination notice" in writing.
Hallie, looking very confused at my nutty reaction, asked, "why were you so upset"?
"Yea, why are you so upset, mom?!" Riley smirked.

As I slowly removed my hands from around her neck (not really!) & wiped the sweat from my brow......I said, "uhhh......You need to ask before you use my notepad, that's all!"

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