Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two Bits.....

Four Bits!!
We were off to Cheerleader Camp at TWU the 1st week out of school! The weather was HOT, the girls were excited, and the cheer coach was about to pop with a bouncing baby boy!
The CMS Colts Cheerleaders did amazing during their stay at Cheer Camp, winning Spirits Sticks, Trophies, and making new friendships. I always loved cheer camp with my sweet friend Tisha, so I had to drag her along one night so we could relive the old days...the OLD days, I tell ya!!

Things have changed ALOT since we were camped out in those stinky dorm rooms! In today's camp world, they stay INDOORS all day and have mats to flip around on.....back in the OLD DAYS when we had to (YOU KNOW!)...."walk uphill to camp carrying all of our stuff both the heat might I add..." we stayed OUTSIDE all day and flipped around on the dry burnt up grass! (Guess that's why I never really was too interested in all that flippin!?)

Overall, Riley had a great time and Nana & Hallie enjoyed cheering the girls on too!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for...Scenes from the 20 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!

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