Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Famous Last Words.......

"I'm 37 years old and I have never seen a tornado, now calm down!" My famous last words to my terrified 8 year old before the news started blaring, "TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN IN COLLEYVILLE---TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE IN THAT AREA!" uhh------------oh! Less than a mile away our fellow Colleyville residents were experiencing many people's worst fear, having a TORNADO rip their roofs right off their houses! We decided it was time to get into the bathroom! As we watched the news earlier in the evening, the girls had been scurrying to pack "their valuables" into our "safe place", the hallway bathroom. They had their purses, pillows, their favorite nighttime sleep buddies, their ipods, flip-flops, Riley had her "Juicy" brand sweatsuit (still on its hanger), their school bags?? (one that I found quite interesting?).....then finally, Riley says, "Oh wait! I need my Bible!" FINALLY, something we NEED! The gathering of the "valuables" took MUCH MUCH longer than the actual storm itself, so the rest of the evening was spent putting all those "treasures" back in their place!

Luckily, this Christmas, Glen's mom (fully aware of Hallie's terrible fear of storms--much like our black lab's!) bought the grandaughters of the family the sweetest little book that I have to share!!

It's Kristine Kahanuk's, "Katie and The Magic Umbrella....A Stormy Adventure". It is a story that she wrote in honor of her sweet baby who is in heaven, Katherine, "Katie" for short. Katie is a guardian angel in Heaven who comes down to calm two kid's fears about a storm that is brewing by explaining to them what is actually happening during a storm. Today, I was "share reader" in Hallie's 2nd grade class and I brought this book to read with them and they LOVED IT! They each had their own stories to share about the crazy stormy night we had all experienced the night before and many wanted the name of the book so that they could get their own. Borders Bookstore has the book and the actual "Katie" doll as well. As you see, it calmed Hallie down tonight! Enjoy this fun & charming book with your kids before those sirens start up again!! It is only FEBRUARY!

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