Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Nation of Cowards..." huh?!

I have been in turmoil lately! I have an addiction to the news lately, because I find it to be a.) terribly disturbing, b.) terribly entertaining, and c.) terribly outrageous!
Terribly disturbing is all the lying, cheating, and stealing going on.
Terribly entertaining is all the lying, cheating, and stealing going on and they're getting away with it!
Terribly outrageous is all the lying, cheating, and stealing going on amongst our NATION'S LEADERS! The people who are IN CHARGE OF ME, YOU, and US!

I would like to dedicate this blog to recent headlines in the news that made me go..."Good Grief!"

1. Terribly OUTRAGEOUS! This young Brit is now the proud papa of a sweet new baby girl at the ripe old age of 13! The mom is 15. Glen and I think he looks more like 7 or 8........8 or 13, WHICHEVER! I'm not saying alot on this because I myself have a 12 year old and 8 year old who have not grown up yet, we are doing our very best though at teaching them right from wrong and hoping it all sinks in and means something to them, so far so good. But I'd hate to get all preachy and then find myself on the cover of "The Sun" in 2011! All I can say for now on this headline is, "GOOD GRIEF"!?

2. Terribly DISTURBING AND OUTRAGEOUS! A lady in Connecticut thought this chimp was actually her child? He drove her car, she fed him Filet Mignon, he ripped her friend's face and hands off. ??? GOOD GRIEF?! According to the state of Connecticut, the lady was grandfathered in and allowed to keep the chimp after state laws changed banning private chimp ownership in your home? DUH?! It was reported that Travis, the chimp, had the power of 10 large men and now he is dead after acting "like a wild animal"! strange?!

3. Terribly OUTRAGEOUS! Was it a publicity stunt for his brother-in-law's (Casey Affleck) new documentary or is Joaquin just plain crazy when he acted like a fool in disguise on David Letterman? But really.....who cares?!

4. Terribly ALL OF THE ABOVE (disturbing, entertaining, and outrageous)! Seriously! This guy is OFF HIS ROCKER! But is VERY ENTERTAINING! He just needs to call Vidal Sassoon and see if they are hiring and STAY OFF the talk show circuit were he actually goes CROSS-EYED when he lies! Sean Hannity had this "sweating major bullets lying machine" so turned around the other night I thought his "proceeding hairline" was gonna blow straight off the top of his head!

5. Terribly DISTURBING and OUTRAGEOUS! Lock this NUT away and throw away the key already!! and NANCY GRACE lets move on!

6. Terribly WHO CARES!? With the United States in dire straights, terrorists being released, bills worth a gazillion-billion dollars being made into laws that save mice and prevent we seriously care if Jessica Simpson wore the wrong pair of jeans and looked like the rest of us for one day! HUH?! I think we have bigger fish to fry, and shouldn't really spend too much time on a girl that is just plain healthy and in love. ( know I bought the magazine though!)

7. "nuf" said..........................

8. Terribly DISTURBING and OUTRAGEOUS! Seriously come on now! 14 kids, no husband, no job, house in may look like Angelina, but you obviously do not have Angelina's checkbook......please no more implantations for this lady. Seriously, does anyone really need or even WANT 14 kids? Don't get me wrong I love my 2, but really wouldn't care for 12 more running amuck!

9. Terribly DISTURBING, ENTERTAINING, & OUTRAGEOUS! This guy really really cracks me up! Poster dude for PERJURY! "uh..uh..uh....I think I talked to him once"...uh...uh..uh.....twice, three, four..ok..twenty times tops! Kinda reminds me of another speech I remember....."I did not have sexual relations with that woman."-----well maybe I did sorta.....but the important thing is "I didn't inhale"?? OK, sure, whatever!

#10 is awarded to the Terribly ENTERTAINING VP JOE BIDEN:
When he opens his mouth you just never know what is going to come out or who he's going to offend. What is even more so terribly entertaining is to watch Obama stand behind him at the podium...holding his breath, gritting his teeth, looking down at the floor the whole time so we won't catch him in an eye roll.....the classic one I'll always remember was his ever so gentle NUDGE in the back to him as to say, "STOP ALREADY"!

11. Dear A-Rod,
I would like to give you some professional medical advice...
Next time, someone tries to inject an "unknown substance" into you, it would be in your best interest to find out what it is first. ("Didn't know what it was." Yea! OK!? Sure, we believe ya...noone ever lies about these things!)
ps......Dear A-Rod's cousin, how is the view from UNDER THE BUS! geeeeez!!

And Finally...........ugh!
I'm too tired to even start with this one............................

You may have noticed I didn't address "My Title: "Nation of Cowards...huh?!"......don't really want to go there either..I'll just say someone needs to get Mr. Holder a newspaper and let him review the Presidential Election results.
Let me close apology if any offense was taken! But hey! My blog, my gripes, and I'm rather grouchy today! Personally, I'm offended at the way the country is being treated by people who are not being held accountable and not taking any kind of responsiblility for their actions. We breath accountablilty, responsibility, and honesty down our children's necks from the time they can babble, I know why we do this, but you begin to feel a bit defeated when those who rise to power don't back you up and set good examples of what you are preaching to your children.

There I think I feel better now.
Nope, not yet! I think I need a little dose of this....

and this.......

and then I'll be better!

Have a Nice Day, I know I will!


Brittany said...

lol! This was terribly entertaining!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. That was freaking hilarious and I really needed the laugh! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll.

Amy Weir

And PS - that was my comment I deleted - I wanted to add my last name. :)

My Life in Sippy Cups said...

Amen sister! Wow, that was well said, Melissa. I am 100% with you on your analysis of 'news' these days.
Also, Facebook is great therapy to get your mind off of the wrongs of today...