Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Marley & Me" ...Part II...Our Very Own Sad Ending.

Because it has been almost two years since we lost our Sally girl, and now that we have our sweet Mo, I finally braved it and watched Marley & Me! Big Mistake! Big! My eyes have been red & swollen all day! I had to repost my own Marley & Me...Part II that I wrote in honor of my sweet ole girl, Sally on April 23rd, 2009. I still miss her & Sam so much and this movie brought back so many hysterical memories! I think they would really love Mo!

Posted April 23rd, 2009:
I have yet to bring myself to see "Marley & Me", but after what we went through on Monday with our precious 13 year old Lab, Sally...I should be able to breeze right through it! Our hearts are broken that we lost her. She became very ill over the weekend and by Monday morning she was unable to even lift her head. She was experiencing kidney failure, heart failure, and had lost all movement in her bottom half. Glen was determined to carry her wherever she needed to go and anxiously asked if I had even tried to sit her up after I called him Monday morning to tell him it was painfully obvious what this had come to. We were about to experience our very own sad ending.

Just as Sally was right next to Sam, 2 years ago, as he quietly ran to the "Rainbow Bridge", Glen & I are so happy and honored to have been with our sweet Sally, hugging her face as she trotted off ever so bravely.

We got Sally when she was 6 weeks old, she was the runt of the bunch and was the 1st to jump right out of her bed and leap into my lap. She picked us!! We already had Sam, he was a year old and considerably LARGER than Sally. We attempted to keep them apart the first day, but they had different plans and were ready to meet each other and play immediately. 1st game: Sam rolling Sally around the yard like a small black ball. I called Glen screaming, "He's gonna kill her!" He assured me that they would be fine and they were. Best Friends until the very end and now it comforts me to know that they are together again.

We miss our Sally Girl and forever will.

She was a gorgeous black, enormous chunk of sweetness!

She was the mother of 44 puppies throughout her long life.

She was Sam's partner in crime, escaping with him whenever the opportunity arose to scout the neighborhood. Once getting run over and having to have her right front leg sewn back on!

She loved to eat entire loaves of bread, package and all. While passing through the house she never would miss the chance to pop into the pantry and do a little "smash & grab" with the bread.

She loved to sit in the driveway with us with her head under our arms.

She loved Milkbones.

She HATED thunderstorms.

She loved to howl at sirens passing by, until she lost her hearing and didn't know they were going by.

She loved cookouts and thanks to Glen enjoyed her last grilled hamburger on Sunday night.

She always had gas and wasn't afraid to use it!

She loved to grab Sam from behind and "play piggyback" until the sun went down!

She loved the pool. Not to swim, but only to lie on the tanning ledge to cool off and watch everyone else swim.

She liked to "play" with baby rabbits! (She never meant to hurt them, they were just too small.)

She loved to rub through our landscape plants and throw her head back with her tongue out while doing it.

She loved to walk the fenceline every morning. I am so thankful that I stopped to watch her as she walked last Friday morning, as this was her last time.

She loved for me to keep a light on for her at night.

She loved to sit under the trampoline while the girls jumped on top.

She loved our girls to lay on her, with her, around her, & just be with her.

We loved Sally and we are sick without her.

I hope and pray that she is now the beautiful, happy, and healthy puppy that leaped into our laps and into our hearts so long ago...running, playing, and piggybacking once again with the love of her life, Sam.

We miss & love you both terribly!


Kara said...

Ok, first of all I had to pause the music because i was crying already reading the post and then when I heard the music, I about lost it!!!
I loved reading all about Sally. :) sweet girl that kept hanging on to yall and the love given. That's exactly what happened to our sweet Buster as he finally couldn't walk one day suddenly. That's what makes it so hard so quick. You wake up one day and thats it, they are barely hanging on. I went out 4 weeks later and rescued another cattle dog, male, in honor of my sweet bubba not to replace him but to rescue another sweet dog that needed our love, care, and my girls. I pray your heart will heal and as time passes it will become easier. Someday some sweet lab or other dog will get to experience the Cruson crew love and fabulous land.
Hang in there. :)

Amy said...

Melissa - I have no words. What a great tribute. And to know her last few days were special and she got the things she loved. So sweet. Great tribute!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. I think I am crying as much at this as I did at Marley and Me. Good Grief I won't be able to take it when it is our girls time to go.

Shelly said...

Mel, I'm so sorry about Sally. At least you got to bury her in her favorite dress.


I'm joking, of course. I just wanted to make you laugh today.