Monday, January 17, 2011

National Champs and Crazy Mamas!!

My daughter's 8th grade cheer team competed in the ACA National Cheerleading Competition this weekend! After months of practicing, sweating, dancing, & cheering they took home first place! First place earns you a National Title to brag about at school, a banner to hang in the school gym, a trophy that is as tall as the cheerleader posed as a scorpion on top of the pyramid, and the COVETED NATIONAL CHAMPION JACKET!! Let me tell you it is allllll---and I do mean ALLL about the jacket. uhhh-huu!! My girl hasn't taken that jacket off since they crowned her with it!

Other cheerleaders not so lucky! The minute they got their "jacket" their crazy mama swiped it and wore it through the streets of downtown like they earned it all on their own, reliving their "glory days" of junior high cheer. (Not me, I couldn't fit in that tiny thing.....yes, guilty, I tried.)

The weekend was exhausting, mixed with lots of fun all balled into one big "GO COLTS!" I enjoyed all the crazy mama watching......I witnessed many "seat saving Nazi mamas", a few "crazed red lipstick yielding mamas", a whole bunch of "seat bouncing, toe-tapping mamas", a whole big group of "aluminum covered cardboard cutout sign holding mamas", a handful of homemade light-up poster-making mamas", and just a few "bored out of their minds, but all-around good sport" daddies (ours included)!
Congratulations to my sweet girl and her team for all of their hard work, dedication, and amazing talent that made this an exciting National Champion weekend for us all!!

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Amy said...

That's AWESOME! I was the mascot in Jr High (yeah, not cool enough to be an actual cheerleader, but funny enough to be the mascot - and not many tried out...) We competed at NCA and my stock would have been sky high if we had won and gotten that jacket. But a fun experience! Way to go Colts!