Friday, November 12, 2010

ModgePodge Remodel... is hosting "Show Us Your Life" and today's featured room is the BATHROOM! Since I just redid the girl's bathroom last summer, I thought it would be fun to participate.

I always loved this bathroom, but the girls began to complain that it was a bit too "Blahhh"....I had to agree, so we decided to add some color! I took some "Blahh Before" pictures, before I went MODGEPODGE NUTS on the place.

Here are a couple of befores..
I know, Blahhhh! huh?

and here are some AFTERS....

This wall shelf needed its own little makeover...


and now AFTER: TA-DAAA!
The cabinets were for sure in need of some fabulous color....

and now I love me some BLUE cabinets!

I call this the ModgePodge Remodel, because after this bathroom redo, I should own stock in Hobby Lobby and it's ModgePodge aisle.
It was a messy project, but lots of fun!
Thanks for stopping by!


Lindsey said...

Those blue cabinets are FABULOUS!! Love it!!! And I can get crazy in Hobby Lobby myself!! ha ha! I can stay in there for hours!! =)

btw - the magazine I work for is doing a cute giveaway from Etsy . . . also "something blue." Check it out! =)

Janae @ Somewhat Couture said...

I can't believe how cute this is! I love the ribbon on the shower curtain and the bedazzled outlet cover blew my mind!

Kristin Davison said...

Those blue cabinets are AWESOME! I love it!