Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Menu: Buffalo.......

So you obviously know what comes to 4th grade Social Studies the week before Thanksgiving! Why the study of the Pilgrims & Indians, of course.
Hallie was beside herself yesterday as she danced, giggled, and announced........

"I can't wait until Thursday!" she joyfully exclaimed.
"Why?! I anxiously asked.
"Because we get to eat BUFFALO BALLS!" she said with uncontainable 4th grade pride.
"Whaaaa?" I nervously questioned.
"BUFFALO BALLS! You know B-U-F-F-A-L-O meat rolled into a B-A-L-L!" she spelled out ever so sarcastically, because good grief, what else could I be thinking!?
Hello!? Hence the name BUFFALO BALLS!

"OH! Buffalo Balls, of course...Yum, I wish I was in 4th grade!"
My question is.....when the teacher told them what Thursday's "palate-friendly" lesson would hold, how did she do that with a straight face?

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