Monday, May 9, 2011

MO Monday (and some other stuff)

MO gave me his own Mother's Day gift, a whole roll of paper towel....shredded. He loves me!
Last week started with Glen getting a wild hair and cutting out all of the cabinets in our game room? Apparently it is time for a remodel.

I had a photoshoot with some ADORABLE little boys! Look at the RED HAIR! Loved those little cuties! Prince Harry ain't got nothing on that little blue-eyed beauty!

Friday I got to go back in time to 1912 during Immigration Day at CES. I was the nurse on Ellis Island that examined the immigrants before they entered the states. What a fun day! The kids were great and were very convincing!! My favorite part of the day was when I ran into the post office on my break and the postmaster thought I was a "Singing Telegram"!

Sunday we hosted Mother's Day at our house.

We celebrated all of the mothers in our family and had so much fun!I had such a wonderful day!! I LOVE my girls, they make being a mom the easiest job in the world! I thank God everyday for HIS gift of allowing me to be their mom, what an AMAZING job! I am truly blessed and ever so lucky!!

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