Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MO Monday...On Wednesday...All About Abby.

Poor sweet Abby!

All day Monday she was doing the "reverse sneeze". The very dramatic snort that dogs often do, and sounds like they are going to croak any minute! She does this often, so I wasn't phased. BUT.....when I got home from work that evening, she was outwardly sneezing uncontrollably! Like 40-50 times a minute! She could not sit still, roaming, panting, sneezing, wanting to be held, wanting to be let down, very uncomfortable. So I decided to give her Benadryl, and run her up to the 24 hour Vet Clinic. As I was holding her, getting the phone number of the clinic, she began foaming at the mouth, bubbles coming out of her nose, her eyes glazed over, and SHE QUIT BREATHING!! The professional nurse that I am......totally freaked out, just knowing that I had just killed her with Benadryl! I started shaking her all around, pumping on her stomach (you know official dog CPR, I guess?), screaming for Glen and the girls to get in the car!

We hustled up to the Doggy ER, which may I add, Glen should really open up a Pet Ambulance Service, with his "speed racing, but not get a ticket" driving he did that night...all on an EMPTY gas tank (don't judge)!!

By the time we arrived at the ER, of course, the Benadryl had kicked in, Abby was panting freely, sneezing a little, and smiling. The front desk lady quietly asked, " so your dog has a sneeze?" WAS ALOT worse 10 minutes ago!!

Meanwhile, I look around the clinic to see a family of about 10 in a room all crying their eyes out as they had just lost their furry family friend, another family covered in blood as their dog had just lopped his paw off....and here I am with a sneezy Yorkie, WHO I WAS SURE NEEDED A VENTILATOR!

The front desk lady I believe was mocking me.

Lucky for us, the sneezing got alot worse, and it appeared like we sort of needed to be there by the time the vet saw us. He shot her up with some steriods, Afrin, and more Benadryl, and gave her a diagnosis of "sinus infection".

Glen just shook his head and laughed at me......a "sinus infection, really"!?

Thankfully, she is improving! Still sneezing her head off though. Glen thinks she has a bad case of the MO! He thinks she is allergic to him.

Speaking of MO he is at the groomer, getting all of his hair shaved off, just in case Glen is right.

Pictures to follow.

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