Monday, October 20, 2008

Colt Pride...Bumper Sticker Style!

We are so proud of our Colleyville Middle School Colt, Riley! She made the "A" Honor Roll her 1st 6 weeks of Middle School! She is loving school and doing very well! WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER and her accomplishments and for her love of those around her!

She was laughing that she got ANOTHER bumper sticker for me...I have noticed that Middle School comes with alot of "bumper sticker" can get a bumper sticker for any and every activity that you participate in at Middle School...Choir, Students Standing Strong, Cheer, Dance, Honor Roll, Band, Chess, Volleyball, Basketball, Math, Reading, English, PE, Lunch, D Hall, ISS.....(ok, not really all that).....but seriously, l-o-t-s of bumper stickers! I'm getting there see.......

I gotta find that "perfect spot" for the Honor Roll one. I don't want either of my girls to think for one minute that I am not proud of them or their activities or accomplishments, so I must display the sticker! But I do need some balance here, you think?....and I must be able to see out the rear view! ;) I really start on that other side now??!

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