Sunday, October 12, 2008

How many "Looney Tunes" does it take......

......TO SKIN A
5 FOOT RATTLESNAKE!?! Apparently.....THREE......two mini ones + their dad!!

This weekend officially started it...BONDING TIME WITH DAD! Good grief! Do my sweet, darling, loving, Christian angels enjoy this type of fun, umm...from the looks on their faces....I think so!!?? These two fine trophies are just a couple of the "fun finds" they brought home to me from their "great, awesome" weekend with dad. Personally, I would have appreciated a simple...... "MOM, what happens at the deer lease STAYS at the deer lease!" this time around!! BUT, instead these headless, slippery, nasty reptiles are proudly skinned and displayed in the garage for all other fellow "hunters" to come over and "worship"! One fierce fellow hunter has already stopped by to "ooh & ahhh" over these precious keepsakes! Report from campsite was, "Not a deer, pig, turkey, or dove in sight, but enough rattlesnakes for everyone!" Yee-haw! I am just so thankful my dear Lord heard my prayers and brought them back home to me VENOM-FREE! Happy Hunting!....just a few more months to go......ho-hum!

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