Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yard Art Goes Worldwide!!

To be a not so political kind of quiet family in a little town...we've kinda stirred things up! Our "Political Halloween Yard Art" was featured on CNN this morning!! CNN!! They had a spot on their website asking for your "Political Halloween" photos and I thought..."Hey, look what we have... a "Political Halloween Display!" So I sent it, thinking it would be in a cute photo gallery on the bottom of the page somewhere.......OH MY!!! I immediately start receiving emails from a guy with "Associate Producer" after his name and this morning my Caller ID is flashing "TURNER BROADCASTING"! I'm suddenly finding myself spelling my last name to a guy who is fixing to ANNOUNCE it on the news!! "WHAT!? WAIT?! Maybe you shouldn't announce my LAST NAME and WHERE I LIVE as I am screaming I AM A REPUBLICAN on your mostly DEMOCRATIC station!!!" But he did and now I have locked all my doors and shut all the blinds...so far so good! (haha!!)
The picture is on the CNN website http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-105773 it has over 22,000 viewings and over 200 comments.......(uhh...not all so nice, some of those folks don't mind telling you how they feel!?) eeeekkkk!!! One of them even told me that if I had a real JOB I wouldn't have all this time to ******* up my yard. (Nice!) "Hey buddy, I have a J-O-B...( well, ok maybe only part-time), but I pull my weight around here!"
Did you know that Halloween & Politics really gets people talking!!?? I mean really talking!!! phew!!

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Kara said...

Ok, that is histerical! I can't believe your yard made CNN- as some people say the Clinton News Network. HA Well, I would definetely say you have gotten Halloween Yard of the Month.
How Fun. :)