Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kid Tested....Mom Approved!

Something bugging you??...

Ear ache? Nagging night cough?? Splinter???
Here are a few.."Kid Tested...Mom Approved" Helpful Home Remedies:
For that stubborn splinter or infected nail....
Soak affected area in some Epsom Salt dissolved in warm water.

A nagging cough keeping you up at night?
Grab the Vicks Vapor Rub, smother the feet in it, grab some socks, and get some sleep! (NOTE: Not to be used in kids under 2!)

Everyone loves the soothing heat from the blow dryer when you ear aches!

And last but not least........
What about that crying 2nd grader who doesn't want to go to school....

this is always nifty to keep on hand...but BRIBERY goes alot farther!!
Here's to a "Tear-Free" Wednesday!! (and another trip to the toy store)!

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