Thursday, January 22, 2009

We "waited for the Lord..."!

"Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart...."
Psalms 27:14

After sleeping like a baby the following night, I awoke to Glen getting ready to go to a day long seminar. "HUH?? You are going where?" He quickly & (independently) changed his seminar to a "work from home" kind of a day....after hearing "that tone" in my voice. I was much happier with this idea, (even though I had already decided that I was going to be pregnant forever now), as I was going on day #4 of "overdue-ness"! But having him close by, would be nice.

So I rolled out of bed and upon entering the bathroom I felt as though a tribe of Indians had shot 12 arrows through the wall of our house and straight into my back, paralyzing me in my tracks, I thought, "Oh dear!! This ain't nothing like a broken foot!" (yesterday's blog)...but it never dawned on me that this could be IT! The pain should be in the front NOT in my kidney! So I just knew that NOW I had a raging kidney infection on top of being 65 weeks pregnant! But suddenly after about one was gone. hummmm??? Strange, I thought??..So off I went to the porch to say hello to our sweet neighbor, Don, who was out talking with Glen . But as I stepped out onto the porch....WHAM-O...those searing arrows again, straight through my back! This time dropping me to my knees, Don turned his cowboy boots quick back home and told Glen."UH-OH...looks like you got a big day ahead of you....I'll see ya'll!" He was right...that "Nurse Know It All" was right, and my prayer calendar was right..."We HAD waited on the Lord...and....IT WAS FINALLY THE BIG DAY! If Glen had of even suggested touching up my lipstick or stopping for a DP that morning.....there wouldn't have been any "calmly, lovingly, or gazing" about it...this was was REAL BAD!
So we're off to the hospital once again....but this time to get the job done!

When I crawled back to that desk, the nurse said, "Oh, you were here last night...we heard about you....." I guess that it was by the way my eyeballs turned into lasers, blazing a hole through her badge, or possibly it was the warp speed at which my head was spinning, that she finished her statement with ".....and it looks like you'll be staying this time!" She was right, I wasn't going anywhere today, but to the delivery room!

After check-in, the shy & just adorable on-call OB, Dr. Kilianski, popped his head in to wave HI and immediately after I spewed a fiery yellow flame ball from my nostrils at him, he said, "Won't be long now!"

Well, long story short....(oops..too late)....after 3 and 1/2 hours of pushing, and one very large vaccum later (TMI=my blog)....our sweet baby was here!!

Riley Ann Cruson, 8lbs 5oz, 21 in, 5:33pm January 22nd, 1997

She has been our true Angel on Earth from the minute we laid eyes on her! She is turning 12 today and the details of the day that she came into our lives are still so very clear and seem like only yesterday! She makes us so proud every single day by her loving, nurturing nature, her commitment to school, her faithfulness to her friends, her love for the Lord, and her respect and adoration for her family.

Riley, we love you so much and thank God everyday for blessing us with such a precious & perfect gift! We wish you the very happiest birthday today!

You are truly one of a kind!

Love, Mom and Dad

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