Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Looks Like You Got a Wild One Here..."

Famous words of my OB/GYN around .... OH MY?! 8 years ago!! She wasn't even born yet and he knew...HE KNEW! That sweet ole Dr. P knew I was about to birth a doozy! Our sweet little Hallie May Cruson pranced into our lives on Wednesday, January 31st, 2001 at 2:09pm. She weighed 7lbs and 4oz and on that day she became the 2nd most gorgeous gal in my life!

As I looked through her baby book for pictures to post I caught myself laughing out loud! Each page has her decked out in some outlandish costume she had assembled, and page after page of her many quirky-sneaky smiles she is always flashing at the camera, she has never ever not known how to pose! At 3 months old, I had their pictures made and she was sound asleep SMILING. (GAS, I know, but it's still gorgeous and still a SMILE!)
She has always kept us on our toes.....and has taught us many things in her short little 8 years... FAITH, LOVE, & PATIENCE being the top 3. When she was only 2 and getting a "swat" one day, her response to the "tough love" was patting her own behind and telling me "harder"! All I could say was, "Oh dear!" She has an infectious energy about her and that contagious smile that attracts others that I predict will always make her "the life of the party".

It's only been 8 years, but it seems like we've been through so much with her already.....
She had her 1st black eye at 9 months old.
She was given the name "Bulldog" by the ICU Nurses at Cooks as she fought hard to stay alive when asthma sent her into respiratory failure at 1 year old.
She quickly got rid of her "gobby" (pacifier) at 2 years old, after jumping into our pool from a very high point landing her 2 front teeth into my forehead causing them to go "cock-eyed" and splitting my head wide open. She never took that "gobby" again after that jump!
She gave me the "priviledge" of learning Poison-Control's number quickly one day as she coated the roof of her mouth in Super-Glue while trying to apply fake nails (independently).
She already loves the mountains, really took to snow-skiing this year, loves the beach, can swim like a fish, and will wakeboard with the best of them anytime you take her to the lake.

My mom loves to sit back, laugh, shake her head, and tell me, "Melissa, you are paying for your raising with this one!" Much like myself as a young girl.....the tighter the jeans the better, the moodier the day the better, the less homework the better, and the more chocolate available the WAY better!

Her favorite TV show is "Jon & Kate-Plus 8".
She would love to be a MOM when she grows up.
Her favorite color of lipstick is hot pink.
She only loves one pair of jeans.
Her best friend's name is Halle.
Her favorite breakfast is donuts from Donut Palace.
Her favorite name brand is Juicy Couture.
Her favorite places to shop are Target, Nordstrom, and Claire's.
Her favorite place to sleep is with mom and dad.
She absolutely adores her big sister, although she would never admit this in real lfe.
She is OUR most favorite little 8 year old in the whole wide world! Hallie, thank you so much for adding such spice and fun to our lives! We are so proud of you for trying so hard at everything you do and adore the way you would love to be older, but yet still want to be babied!


We Love You SO Much,
Mom, Dad, & Riley

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Kara said...

Hmmmm...Looks and sounds like our little Annalise. I think they could be friends if they weren't so far apart in age. :)
Those stories were cracking me up only because I totally understand and have lived some of those.
Sweet Hallie May will be one confident, out going gal that surely enjoys life. I wish her a happy year. Happy 8th Birthday Hallie.