Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hiking & Rafting!

We started the morning out at Echo Lake. It was so beautiful!! We did a mini little hike to get us warmed up for some fun white water rafting!

Before hopping into our 7 seater raft, we stopped for some lunch at a cute little deli called "Two Brothers" that displayed a sign that said, "Since the 1900's" you know we had to ask the THREE LADIES running the place when they opened and where the TWO BROTHERS were? One of the ladies peering over her bi-focals with her eyebrow arched upward replied very curtly, "We opened in 1999, one brother had quit and moved to Wisconsin and the other brother was out for surgery?" hmmm? OK. I think she knew she had just been busted for some "false advertising". But we enjoyed our lovely deli sandwiches anyway.

White water rafting was exciting, cold, and wayyyy out of Hallie's comfort zone, but we survived long enough to get our soggy sneakers to the nearest Laundromat so we could have some dry feet for our big day of hiking tomorrow!

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