Monday, August 2, 2010

"Pack Your Rain Coat"....

was one of the last things out of Trail Boss's mouth before we hit the road....did we do it? We did not!

It was 107 and dry as the desert in Texas, so I could not even imagine needing a coat let alone a RAIN coat after days of baking in the Texas heat. I figured I'd welcome the thought of cooler temps and dance in the rain if I ever really got the chance to see any!!

Fast forward to LeVeta, Colorado....heading up to Cordova Pass in the Spanish Peaks. As we climb, climb, and climb even further I watch this giant black cloud steadily follow us and Trail Boss's temp gauge steadily FALL! When we reach the top...40 degrees, rain, and small hail! "Did you pack your rain gear?".........silence......"Please tell me you packed your coats?"....silence...and then a bust out of laughter as he immediately springs into action, customizing three sturdy HEFTY trash bag raincoats!

They did the trick and we enjoyed a couple of minutes out of the truck to snap a few pictures and dodge some lightening strikes!

Then it was down the mountain to meet our friends as we continue on with our ROAD TRIP 2010!!

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