Monday, August 2, 2010

Pikes Peak and Manitou Springs!

Today we were on TOP OF THE WORLD....well, 14,110 feet on top of the world! We traveled the winding road up to Pikes Peak to meet yet more COLD temps, rain and hail falling! What is up with these black clouds following us around town?
We were dizzy, literally, with excitement from reaching the top of this very tall mountain! At the top we ate fudge, danced in the rain, and took MORE pictures, and then hustled to the car zooming back down so we could BREATHE again!

On our way down we were introduced to our very own Sasquatch....more of "his" adventures later.......but let's just say...this crazy creature left us in stitches the WHOLE trip!!

We had pizza at the bottom of the mountain, Lane & Glen had a race around a beautiful lake, Hallie & Larry had a "bear" sighting, and we fed some geese, that weren't all that friendly.

Then we were back on the road to Manitou Springs for some shopping and some fabulous people's been said this is the town where "the witches live"!!

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