Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Shootin' From The Hip"

One thing is for certain....we counted 11 Dairy Queens from Texas to Colorado and got a picture of each one!!

We enjoyed our car trip....eating a breakfast of Zingers, washed down with a game of ABC and Travel Bingo...all which we finished by the time we got to the freeway!

A few hours into the trip we decided to stop for a road side picnic, and it was very clear that we had not made it out of Texas just yet..........

My Dairy Queen photographing continued as we pounded the pavement and we soon came across some....

we didn't stop to get any though, we just took their word for it!

We finally made it into Colorado, it was getting dark and all we seemed to find was "NO VACANCY" signs everywhere!! Word in the mountains was...every hotel is booked from Raton to Pueblo! (this includes all of the pink shaded Norman Bates look alike motels!!...which I sincerely gave a big Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord for that!)

We finally found a cafe to eat at that had some wild hummingbird entertainment and a Days Inn that would put us up for the night!

Our 10 hour drive soon became a 13.5 hour trip...but Hey! It's all good when you have a "Trail Boss" that likes to "shoot from the hip", leaving earlier than planned without any reservations!

One thing is for sure we are having fun on our ROAD TRIP 2010!!!

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