Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Fabulous February!

February started out with an unplanned Family Lock-In after a huge ice storm froze the town for 5 days! School was closed all week! So we just used its parking lot as our ice rink and enjoyed day after day of watching the news for school closings, lots of baking, eating, sleeping...... playing games together....."Minute To Win It" was a popular favorite......
we made paper snow flakes and snow angels to hang around the house.....
and just enjoyed the peaceful quietness that a big snowstorm can bring!

After many days frozen inside our home, we finally got to get out and celebrate Hallie's 10th birthday with dinner and shopping at the mall with a couple of good friends.

And then....the FEVER set in......BIEBER FEVER that is! We attended the Midnight Premiere of Justin Bieber's new movie, "Never Say Never" and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

So much that we've seen it THREE more times and we have all fallen ill with BIEBER FEVER!

We celebrated Glen's 41st he slept.

Had a lunch full of laughs (and good birth control) with two very precious friends of mine and their adorable 2 year olds!

Hallie's 4th grade class was on a Channel 8 newscast celebrating their efforts to help their friend out who had lost everything in a house fire by hosting a Bake Sale and raising almost $2000 for him and his family! Channel 8 was so impressed by these amazing 10 year olds with giant hearts of gold that they featured them on their Rachel's Challenge segment of the 10 o'clock news and made us all cry!

My pepa turned 91 at the end of the month and we are so blessed to have him! and we even put him on a party hat to prove it!

So as February comes to a close, I look back and remember a super fun month packed with family, friends, and lots of laughs!
Looking forward to March and the beautiful warmer Spring weather.....
It's already started off with a BANG...........
to Glen's head!
ZOWEEEE!! That's gonna leave a mark!

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