Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Trip Back in Time and to the VANS Store!

Today we delivered the maternity pics that I took this weekend to the expectant mama! Hope she LOVES them! Here's a sneak peek.....

Then it was off to IHOP for lunch with a hysterically funny friend who kept us laughing and we also took a trip back to the 70's--80's....
Do you remember the FOTOMAT?

I'm tellin ya.....that used to be my DREAM JOB! I would've LOVED to sit in that little booth all day long and take people's film that was in that little envelope. Didn't it take like a week then to get your pictures back? I remember when they carted off the FOTOMAT that sat on HWY 26 across the street from North Hills Mall (Sanger Harris, anyone?!).......I was really sad and it was then I knew I had to find a new dream job.

We did some shopping to walk off the delicious IHOP, and counted the people wearing green...quite alot I might add!
Riley's one big purchase on her wish list was to get a pair of VANS! HELLO!? CHECKERED VANS!! 1980! She was NOT amused, but I sure was and how excited was I when she picked these babies!?......................

I heart the 80's!!!! and I MISS the FOTOMAT!!

Happy St. Patrick's DAY!!

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