Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine Flu Hits Home!

Phooey!! Or more like SUEY!!!
Indeed, the SWINE FLU has wiggled its way into our home. Sadly, its first prisoner is Hallie May! She came home from school with a high fever, so off we went to the clinic to diagnose the obvious. She had called me this morning from the school nurse's office saying that her throat hurt, but she did not have a fever (as reported by the nurse), and that she was going back to her class.

Unfortunately, I had a head full of foils sitting under the hair dryer at the local beauty I was more than happy to hear that she was headed back to class (evidently to spread the Swine Love to her other classmates...mental note to self: feverishly apologize to them for this at a later date)! Geeez!!

After a very strange resistance from the Dr. about giving her Tamiflu, which was a very evident direct result of the country running out of this antiviral liquid the end, we got the medicine and hopefully, will lick this thing quick!

Glen, well, he's not taking any chances!!

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