Friday, October 16, 2009

A Swine Flu Lock-In!!

The Swine Flu kept us indoors all day today, don't think that I didn't have EVERY window in this house open though! Shoo-Shoo...flu bugs!!!
Thank you so much to GiGi and Papa for coming by and throwing Hallie some FUN stuff to do from your car window as you sped by!! haha!! Just kidding....ok! from the end of the driveway!
(The PIG was a birthday gift, but I thought we needed to add him in the picture a "Swine Tribute" of sorts)! I took advantage of some stay home time and cleaned out this nasty pantry. A chore that I had been procrasinating to do for a while now!

It feels so much better when things are cleaned out, so why in the world do I hate to do it and put it off for as long as possible? Looks like I need to do some grocery shopping now!!

Tonight we are staying in and watching The Proposal, one of my all time favorite movies now, can't wait (hate to admit it, but somethimes it kind of nice to "have to" stay home)!!
Just hate that it is because of sickness!!

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