Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walmart...Meeting your every need....

Juice boxes......check!
Dr. Peppers.....check!
dog food......check!

No need in hustling down to the the local funeral parlor, if Grandma passes away, just go to!! They now have caskets for sale!! I have just a few questions about this?

1. Just how would that be delivered?

2. Will there now be an aisle at Walmart with Coffin displays?

3. Will they have that big yellow ROLLBACK sign above them with a smiley face?
4. Who buys a coffin at WALMART?

I would LOVE to see a customer wheeling that out of the store in their shopping cart and loading that up into their "Smart Car"!!

I guess Walmart's auto dept. will have to start selling hearses next, to get those darn things home!!

I can just envision them now!!!

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