Thursday, October 1, 2009

Terror In The School Zone!

Riley phoned me the other day after getting to school asking me to bring her something that she had forgotten. "Not a problem, " I said. So I hopped in the car and went up to the middle school where school had already began and the roads and parking lots where completely deserted of all frantic parents trying to get their kids to school before the dreaded tardy bell let out it's early morning shrill.
The parking lot was completely I thought.....I would later find out.......that one man who wears a yellow and orange jacket, holds a red STOP SIGN, and I'm almost certain wears a badge of some sort pinned on his lapel..somewhere, was still lurking!

As I turned into the parking lot, I opted for the closest spot to the front door and to get there I had to zip in through the EXIT ONLY route. After a complete assessment of the parking lot, reassuring myself that not a soul was in site, I went for it.

Proud that I had safely arrived into the front spot of the parking lot, through the EXIT ONLY without hurting anyone......I hopped out and headed towards the front door of the school. Apparently, the "Officer of the Zone" hides out in the bushes after all have vacated the premises to wait on deliquents such as myself, because before my Skechers could hit the pavement,
I notice this coming at me out of the corner of my eye!
I was in for it! An early morning rant by the "Yellow & Orange Clad Officer", who felt he should compare the empty parking lot to a busy rush hour packed freeway?!
He went on to scream at me in a broken English/Spanish accent..........
"LADY! Do you know why you don't go the wrong way on a freeway?!"
"Well, yes, so you won't hit other people, " I replied.
"Do you know what you just did?" he quizzed.
"Oh! I know this one too! I just went into the EXIT ONLY!" I said.
He was not amused, and he threatened that "he better not ever catch me doing that again!"

Yikes! I bet I won't! and I just bet I might have to buy him a Segway for Christmas so he can catch hoodlums like me a little faster in the mornings!!
**disclaimer: Please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate all that this sweet man does to keep our kids safe each school day, and I do know how to read and technically I did enter the lot the WRONG WAY, but really a busy freeway compared to an empty parking lot??? Now really!?
OK-OK, I lose.

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