Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Grab your purse and your keys and get to Nordstrom.........IF......if you need some eyelashes!!

I have like the WORST eyelashes in the history of eyelashes, I could probably count the # of lashes I have on one hand...they're bad, I mean real bad!
So I pondered the idea of going to my Eye Dr. and asking for the newest prescription med out there called "Latisse".

But first, He'll ask me if I'm wearing my glasses.
I'll say, "No"
Then he'll have to give me an eye exam.
Followed by telling me that I need new glasses.
He'll charge me for an office visit.....
an eye exam....
for just walking in the door...
and for even sitting in his chair.
Then he'll write me a prescription for new glasses,
and maybe some "Latisse".

Then I'll be out ALOT of money! So.........
I opted for:

Where they sell.........
for only $95!!! and it works!!! I've used it for almost a week and now I can count the lashes that I have on TWO HANDS!!!
(Seriously, I can tell a big difference!)

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