Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whirlybirds, Ducks, and Candy Kitchens Full of Fairies!

Helicopter tours of the city...I highly recommend it!
Hallie (my Mini-Mine Train scaredy cat) not only did it once, but she and Riley toured the city via whirlybird TWICE! They loved it!

Glen loved being airborne so much, he's ready to purchase a helicopter and take lessons!!

We tried to tour the city on land and sea as well, via "THE DUCK", which is a big open boat on wheels, but "The Duck" was closed by the time we arrived, so we will try again tomorrow. It even comes complete with a DUCK CALL---which I'm sure as everything else in this town..."may be purchased at a low low price".

We also stopped into "Ozarkland", a fun looking souvenier shop/FUDGE CANDY KITCHEN on the strip. A bit disappointing, but not before one of "the medium lady's" that I visited with before our trip, "visions" came true.......she kept saying Hallie was surrounded by "Fairies".....I'll say..........she was today...."Ozarkland" was FULL of weird little "fairies" and you know I HAD to take a picture!!

We passed on the Candy, because I've been eating so much and I don't really want to sink the poor "DUCK" if I ever DO get to take a spin.

We eventually made it to our "little cabin in the woods", which by the way.......IS ADORABLE! We met up with our friends and did some grocery shopping too.

Another fun day n the Ozarks, can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!!!
I love family vacations!!!!

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Kara said...

Looks like yall are having fun! Cute, Fun pics of the girls. Keep em coming. :)